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Shopping Service (CSS)

  • Reduce your ad spend up to 20%
  • no setup fees for CSS and Google Ads
  • Increase the visibility of your Google Shopping ads

Become a CSS-Partner &

Better Shopping campaign results

With us you have access to the most converting shopping ads Google has to offer.

Profit from 20% CPC reduction

Choose our platform and save cost per clicks while keeping conversions up.

Work with experts

We manage the accounts of +100 satisfied Shopping clients of various industries with more than 100 million shopping goods.

Next steps

Secure your shopping advantages quickly and send us your online request.

Receive an individual offer from us and secure all auction benefits.

After editing your account, we start with your Google Shopping Ads.

Why should you become a CSS Partner?

By using our CSS shopping platform you can run Google Shopping Campaigns as usual. The huge benefit is, that we reduce the costs for your Shopping Ad up to 20%, because Google’s margin is eliminated.

That means in detail, that you can use your whole ads budget for your Google shopping campaigns. And that pushes your success farer uphill.
Instead of paying 20 Cent from 1 Euro shopping budget to Google, you invest 100% in your ads.

Be smarketer.
Save 20% Google Margin and use 100% of your advertising budget for your ad performance.

Some of our references

Your chance for improving your e-commerce business

Google CSS program – save up to 20% of your Google Shopping ad spend

Our CSS Platform

Our CSS marketplace enables small and medium-sized enterprises to save Google Shopping expenses. By our expertise and the customized Google Ads solutions we can increase your Google Shopping perfomance while reducing your ad spends at Google Shopping.

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